Nov 22

Brewster Firefighters Attend Health/Wellness and Leadership Training Conference

On Friday November 17, ten Brewster firefighters attended a one-day fire service conference hosted by the Barnstable County Fire Chiefs Association titled “Firefighter Health/Wellness and Leadership” at the Captains Golf Course in Brewster. The speakers for this dynamic training program included Deputy U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Denis O’Nieal, Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn, and members of the firefighter Health & Wellness group O2X.

During the program which attracted 90 firefighters from across Cape Cod and the region Commissioner Finn spoke on firefighter cancer awareness, proper use of PPE, and the current and future efforts the Boston Fire Department has and will undertake to prevent this disease from further affecting their own members and all firefighters throughout the nation. The O2X group spoke on a variety of firefighter health and wellness related subjects including proper diet, exercise, stress, PTSD, annual medical exams, and their industry leading health and wellness course scheduled to be offered in the spring of 2018 to Cape Cod fire departments. Dr. O’Nieal closed the day by speaking on developing and implementing highly effective leadership qualities on both personal and organizational levels, the benefits of formal and informal education and training, and the future of the United States fire service.

It is extremely rare to have two fire service leaders of Commissioner Finn and Dr. O’Nieal’s caliber speak at a regional based conference such as this. All of the members of the Brewster Fire Department who attended the conference are grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from these fire service legends.

Nov 22

Hoops and Heroes Basketball Challenge

On Friday November 17 the Brewster Fire and Police Departments participated in the inaugural Hoops and Heroes basketball challenge at the Eddy Elementary School. The event, which was sponsored as a fundraiser by the Brewster (PTO) included raffles, a halftime show by the Bayside Skippers, and a one-on-one competition. Approximately 200 parents, supporters, teachers, and students attended the game.

After a hard fought battle the Brewster Police won the contest by a score of 62-32.  A fun time was had by all in attendance. Our members would like to thank all of those who helped put the event together and the opportunity to be a partner in the fundraising effort. We look forward to next year’s game and an opportunity to settle the score!

Nov 22

Happy Thanksgiving

The Members of Brewster Fire Department wish all of our residents a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!

Nov 19

State Fire Marshal Offers Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving #1 Day for Home Fires in Massachusetts

There are more home fires on Thanksgiving than any other single day in Massachusetts, twice as many as December 25 which ranks second. “Thanksgiving is a wonderful family holiday, but the day can be ruined with a cooking or candle fire, a burn injury or a carbon monoxide incident from long-term use of the oven,” said State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey. Remember, to keep your family safe, every home should have working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.

Cooking Safety Tips:

Cooking is the leading cause of fires in the home and the leading cause of fire injuries, so it is not surprising that 86% of Thanksgiving Day fires were caused by cooking. Here are some cooking fire safety tips:

▪ Remember to “stand by your pan” and stay in the kitchen when boiling, frying or broiling.

▪ Use a timer when baking or roasting and never leave the house with the oven running.

▪ The best way to respond to a stovetop fire is to “put a lid on it” and turn off the heat.

▪ The best way to respond to an oven or broiler fire is to keep the doors closed and turn off the heat.

▪ If the fire is not quickly snuffed out, leave the house and call the fire department.

▪ Wear short or tight-fitting sleeves when cooking.

▪ Keep children 3-feet away from the stove for safety to prevent burns.

▪ Turn pot handles inward over the stove.

▪ Run cool water on burns; call 9-1-1 for more serious burn injuries.

Gas Ovens: A Source of CO

Generally, the confined space of a closed gas oven used for cooking does not produce enough carbon monoxide (CO) to be of concern, unless you are using it for several hours like when roasting a turkey. If you have a kitchen exhaust fan, use it; if not, crack a window for fresh air when using the gas oven for an extended period of time.


Candles make any holiday table festive, but it is important to follow some safety tips when using candles.

▪ Use them inside a 1-foot circle of safety free of anything that can burn.

▪ Think twice about lighting the candles on that lovely centerpiece if it means you can’t follow the 1-foot circle of safety rule.

▪ Use extra care with candles when children and pets are around.

▪ Consider using flameless, battery-operated candles instead.

▪ Blow out candles when leaving the room; don’t leave candles burning unattended.

▪ Use non-combustibles holders or saucers.

▪ Keep all matches and lighters out of reach of children.

▪ Remember to stop, drop, cover and roll if clothing ignites.

Heating #2 Cause of Fires on Thanksgiving

Especially if you don’t regularly use your fireplace, be sure to have the chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional, before lighting that first fire on the holiday. Everyone who heats with wood should have their chimney cleaned and flue inspected at the start of the heating season.

Nov 17

Brewster Fire Department Toys for Tots Drop Off

Brewster Fire Department is serving as a drop off spot for the annual Toys for Tots program. Interested individuals may drop off an unwrapped toy at the Fire Station at your convenience. As a reminder, it is best to drop off your donated toy during office hours Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to ensure our personnel will be available to assist you.

Let’s all work to ensure that every family has a safe, enjoyable, and fun filled Holiday Season!

Nov 06

Extinguisher Recall

More than 40 million fire extinguishers sold over a four-decade period have been recalled because they may not work to put out fires, according to an announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The extinguishers, sold by Kidde, can become clogged or “require excessive force to discharge,” and fail to work during a fire emergency, the CPSC said. In addition, the nozzles on some of the extinguishers can detach with enough force to potentially injure someone.

So far, the CPSC has received nearly 400 reports of cases in which the recalled fire extinguishers failed to work properly. These included 91 reports of property damage, 16 reports of injuries (such as smoke inhalation and minor burns) and one death. The death, which occurred in 2014, happened when emergency responders tried to put out a car fire with a Kidde fire extinguisher, but could not get the extinguisher to work, CPSC said.

The recall involves two styles of Kidde fire extinguishers: those with plastic handles and those with a push-button on top. In total, 40.5 million fire extinguishers manufactured from 1973 to 2017 are being recalled.

Customers with the recalled fire extinguishers should contact Kidde to request a free replacement extinguisher. More information is available on Kidde’s website.

By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer |

Original article on Live Science.

Nov 06

Brewster and Surrounding Fire Departments Conduct Annual Hose Testing

During the week of October 16 the Brewster Fire Department along with the Harwich, Orleans, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown Fire Departments conducted their annual hose testing as mandated in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards.

Fail Safe, which is a nationally recognized hose testing company was hired to conduct this regional testing program. Offering this program in a regional format with the one vendor allowed each of the involved communities to significantly reduce the cost of completing this mandated testing. Fail Safe employees completed testing on over 40,000 feet of fire hose during the week long program.

The Brewster Fire Department would like to thank the Director of the Captain’s Golf Course Mark O’Brien for allowing these fire departments the opportunity to utilize the course parking lot for these tests.

Nov 06

Brewster Fire Department Presents Fire Safety Education Training

During the month of October members of the Brewster Fire Department presented our annual Fire Safety Education programs to all public and private schools within the community. The focus of this year’s program followed the national campaign of ensuring each home has a developed and practiced escape plan that ensures residents have two ways out should a fire occur in their home. Other fire safety elements included in the program included the use and placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, crawl low in smoke, stop, drop, and roll, calling 911, and a hands-on demonstration of firefighter personal safety equipment and gear. The fire department also handed out coloring books, FF hats, and other fire safety literature to the children in attendance.  While this was a team effort a special thanks should go to our most recent certified fire safety educators FF Michael Herrmann and FF Paul Brazil for their work on this annual program.

Nov 06

Brewster Firefighters Attend Live Burn Training


On Wednesday November 1, members of the Brewster Fire Department attended live fire training at the Barnstable County Fire Academy. This bi-annual training event is a critical component of our efforts to maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness during fire suppression operations.

During the rapid paced and dynamic training session Fire Academy instructors placed the firefighters in a variety of challenging live burn scenarios designed to simulate typical structure fire responses common to the Brewster Fire Department and our surrounding mutual aid communities.

Throughout the program firefighters carried out a number of fire suppression tasks that tested their operational skills and techniques in areas such as fire attack, ventilation, search & rescue, forcible entry, and incident command. This hands-on live fire training is a valuable asset to preparing and maintaining our members ability to operate safely, effectively, and efficiently at structure fire related incidents.

The Brewster Fire Department would like to thank the staff at the Barnstable County Fire Academy for their dedicated and expert guidance during this outstanding training event.

Oct 26

Brewster Fire/Rescue Department Offers Halloween Safety Tips

The Brewster Fire Department offers fire safety tips for celebrating Halloween including the fact that more children are injured by cars than fire or other safety issues on Halloween, so it’s important for children to be visible and to practice pedestrian safety. Drivers should use extra caution; drive more slowly and watch for children who may forget to cross at corners and use crosswalks.

Reminder: Be Careful with Halloween Costumes, Decorations and Trick-or-Treating

▪ Remind youngsters to cross at crosswalks or corners and not to dart out between parked cars. More children are hit by cars on Halloween than any other single day.

▪ Children should carry a flashlight or glow sticks; costumes should be bright-colored or have reflective tape to highlight them.

▪ Be sure all parts of costumes are labeled flame retardant.

▪ Costumes should not have trailing materials or tails long enough to cause falls.

▪ If a child is wearing a mask instead of make-up, make sure the eye holes are large enough to see through clearly.

▪ Make sure your home is well-lit inside and out and that there is a clear path to your door.

▪ Use a small flashlight or battery-operated tea light in pumpkins instead of a candle.

▪ Keep decorations like cornstalks and leaves away from heat sources and lit candles.

▪ Children under 12 should always be with an adult. It’s best to take little ones out early. If older children are going out without you, go over the ground rules first and set a curfew. Have them travel in a group and with a cell phone and flashlight.

This information was provided by the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services. For more information please go to their website at, and search on Halloween Safety, or call the Public Fire Safety Education Hotline at 1-877-9-NO-FIRE.

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