Brewster Fire/Rescue Employment Announcement – Full Time Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic 

Brewster Fire is recruiting to fill one FF/EMT/Paramedic position. Applicants must hold MA or National EMT/Paramedic certification prior to hire, hold a valid driver’s license, be 21 years of age or older, and possess a HS diploma or equivalent (GED). Firefighter I/II Pro-Board certification is preferred but not mandatory. Applicants not holding FF I/II certification will be required to attend the MA Career Firefighter Training Program. Candidates shall successfully pass the MA Physical Agility Test, background check, and a medical exam prior to hire. If appointed, employees must live within 15 air miles of Brewster Fire Headquarters (1671 Main St.) within 12 months of date of hire. Starting FF/EMT annual salary is $54,578.00. FF/Paramedic is $60,036.00. 


Town employment applications are available at Fire Headquarters Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or on the Town Website; Returned applications must include certification documents, cover letter, and resume and be submitted to Fire Chief Robert Moran, Brewster Fire Rescue 1671 Main Street Brewster MA 02631. Applications accepted until position is filled. EOE       

New 2021 Dodge RAM 5500 4 x4 “Superliner” Type 1 Ambulance

Brewster Fire/Rescue recently placed our new 2021 Dodge RAM 5500 4 x4 “Superliner” Type 1 Ambulance into service. The unit was built by Lifeline Emergency Vehicles of Sumner IA and sold through their local vendor Specialty Vehicles, Inc. of Plainville MA. During the specification process department members requested a switch from our current Ford F550 chassis configuration to a Dodge chassis. In addition, several interior enhancements to cabinetry, compartment doors, and exterior graphics were also included in the new spec.
Our staff would like to thank Brewster residents for their continued support of our department and the purchase of this new ambulance.

Brewster Fire/Rescue FY 2022-FY 2026  Strategic Plan 

Members of the Brewster/Fire Rescue Department are delighted to present our recently revised Five-Year Strategic Plan. The identified results were developed through a process involving robust participation from all members of the organization in particular the formidable work of an open-minded, young, and diverse team of supportive employees searching to re-define our culture, establish new traditions, clarify our internal operations, and set the course for our future as we continue to meet the current and future challenges of providing high-level, cutting-edge emergency medical, fire suppression, and fire prevention services to the Town of Brewster and our regional public safety partners. Please take a few minutes of your time to review the contents of the plan that will move our organization forward over the next five years.  


Click here to read the Five Year Strategic Plan


2021 Calls

Brewster Fire/Rescue responded to 3,052 calls for service in 2021. This is the second time in the history of the department that we topped 3,000 runs which last occurred in 2018 when numerous significant winter storms impacted the region. BFD stands ready to continue to provide high-level fire and EMS services to our residents in 2022!

Brewster Fire/Rescue Receives Fire Equipment Grant Award

Brewster Fire/Rescue has been awarded $18,461.40 by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and the Department of Fire Services through their FY22 Fire Equipment Grant program. This competitive grant award will furnish the department with supplemental capital to purchase mobile radio communication equipment designed to ensure firefighters are afforded robust and effective communication capabilities at structure fires and other emergency events and will also be used to purchase specialized rescue saws that firefighters use during numerous scenarios including ventilating smoke, heat, and deadly gases from the interior of buildings on fire and cutting and removing debris, construction material, wood, and other fixed objects during emergency life-saving rescue operations of entrapped firefighters or civilians.
The equipment will be utilized at emergency incidents in Brewster and during responses to our regional automatic and mutual aid partner communities. This is Brewster Fire/Rescue’s second grant award through this program which was established by the Commonwealth in FY21.
Brewster Fire/Rescue would like to thank the Governor’s Office, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, and the Department of Fire Services for their past and continued support given to the Town of Brewster and their sustained efforts to improve the working conditions and safety of firefighters across the Commonwealth.

New Brewster Fire/Rescue Ambulance

Brewster Fire/Rescue is expecting delivery of a new ambulance in late February. This purchase is a component of our normal ambulance replacement program. Here are some photos of the new unit as it is being built by Life Line Ambulances in Sumner IA.

Brewster Fire/Rescue Hosts Swearing In Ceremony

On Thursday January 6 Brewster Fire/Rescue conducted a swearing in ceremony for several new employees. We are pleased to welcome the following personnel who ascended to the top of the candidate list during the selection process.
• FF/EMT Matthew Morthland (not pictured)
• FF/EMT Christopher Drumm
• FF/EMT Timothy Johnson
• FF/EMT Emily Higgins
• Fire Prevention Officer/EMT Philip Burt
• FF/EMT Brianna Griffin
We offer our congratulations and wish these new members of our family a long and successful career serving the residents of our community.

Brewster Fire/Rescue Community Safety Message “Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery”

Brewster Fire/Rescue has a simple, yet powerful reminder for all residents of our Town. This weekend we will move our clocks back one hour. We ask you to take this opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test them to ensure they are in proper working order. This is a very simple solution to improve the life safety of your family and reduce the potential for fire related fatalities, injuries, and property damage should a fire occur within your home.
Replace Aging Smoke Alarms
Replacing aging smoke detectors is required unless they have a 10-year sealed battery. Carbon monoxide detectors have a 5-7 year life expectancy depending on the manufacturer. Please take the time this weekend to check your detectors and either replace the batteries or the entire device as required by age.
Time Is Your Enemy in a Fire
Time is your enemy in a fire and working smoke alarms give you precious time t

Brewster Police Lieutenant retires, promotions announced

Brewster Fire/Rescue wishes Lt. George Bausch a well deserved, long, safe, and healthy retirement! Thank you for all you have done for our community!
We also would like to congratulate Lt. Mawn and Sergeant Mirisola on their respective promotions. We look forward to working with you!

Brewster firefighter/paramedic to receive heroism award

BREWSTER – Brewster Fire/Rescue is pleased to announce that FF/Paramedic Gretchen Riley will be receiving a heroism award on November 23 from the State of Massachusetts for her actions at a motor vehicle collision that occurred on Route 6 in the Town of Barnstable on March 17, 2021 (see below).

On Wednesday March 17 while returning to fire headquarters during a department detail Brewster Firefighter/Paramedic Gretchen Riley was one of the first individuals to arrive at the scene of a serious motor vehicle collision involving a tractor trailer and private vehicle on Route 6 in the area of Exit 65.

Noticing the truck was on fire and the driver trapped in the cab, FF Riley removed a fire extinguisher from the department vehicle and extinguished a large area of the growing engine compartment fire. She then remained on scene and assisted another off-duty firefighter and members of the West Barnstable Fire Department in providing patient care and removal of the driver from the damaged cab.

Brewster Fire/Rescue congratulates FF/Paramedic Riley for the rapid and selfless display of life-saving actions and personal disregard for her own safety she exhibited during this serious emergency event.
Job well done! Congratulations Gretchen!