Jun 14

Valuable Fire Safety Tips from the Brewster Fire Department

Practice Fire Safety!


The Brewster Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau hopes everyone is having a safe and happy summer!  During this busy time, we would like to remind all residents and visitors of some important fire safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association:


  1. Watch your cooking—Stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling, or broiling food. If you must leave, even for a short time, turn off the stove.  If you are simmering, baking, roasting, or boiling food, check it regularly and remain in the home while food is cooking and use a timer.


  1. Smoke outside—Ask smokers to smoke outside. Have sturdy, deep ashtrays for smokers.


  1. Keep matches and lighters out of reach—Keep matches and lighters up high, out of the reach of children, preferably in a cabinet with a child lock.


  1. Inspect electrical cords—Replace cords that are cracked, damaged, have broken plugs or loose connections. Do not place extension cords under rugs or doorways and use only Underwriter Laboratories (UL) approved cords of the appropriate size.


  1. Be extremely careful when using candles—Keep candles at least one foot from anything that can burn. Blow out candles when you leave the room or go to sleep.


  1. Have a home fire escape plan—Make a home fire escape plan and practice it with the entire family at least twice a year.


  1. Install & maintain smoke alarms—Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, outside all sleeping areas. For assistance in determining proper locations for detectors, please contact us!



  1. Install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors-carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas known as the “Silent Killer” It is invisible when present in your home. To prevent carbon monoxide emergencies install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. For assistance in determining proper locations for detectors, please contact us!


  1. Test smoke alarms—Test smoke alarms at least once a month and replace conventional batteries once a year or when the alarm “chirps” to tell you the battery is low. Replace any smoke alarm that is more than 10 years old.

Click here for the Summer Safety Tips Brochure

**visit www.nfpa.org/safetytips to learn more and access free downloadable resources.

Jun 14

Brewster Fire Department Responds to Car Versus Building

On Tuesday June 13 at 10:07 a.m. a female driver in a Hyundai sedan slammed into an exterior wall of the Dunkin Donuts located at 9 Lower Road causing damage to the wall and ejecting a patron seated inside onto the floor. The male victim who contacted several pieces of furniture and the concrete floor after being impacted by sections of the wall was transported to Cape Cod Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the vehicle was not hurt. A Brewster building inspector was called to the scene to evaluate the structural damage to the building and a representative of the Brewster Health department also responded. Due to health related concerns caused by the opening in the wall the Health Department inspector closed the business until temporary repairs could be made.

Jun 08

Brewster Fire Department Issues Warning on Potential Fund Raising Scam

The Brewster Fire Department would like to pass along information obtained from the Barnstable Police and the Hyannis Fire Department regarding an unknown entity allegedly soliciting funds on behalf of local fire departments.

Barnstable Police have received information that a group named the Fire Charity Group is making calls in the area claiming to be collecting money on the behalf of local Fire Departments. Please be advised this group IS NOT collecting funds on behalf of, or by the request of the Brewster Fire Department or any other fire department in Barnstable County. A Centerville resident received a call from a person named Glenn representing the group. The telephone number used to make the call was 781-484-2558.

If you receive any solicitation request from this group please contact the Brewster Fire Department at 508-896-7018 who will make direct contact with the Brewster Police for a follow up investigation.

May 30

Brewster Firefighters Respond to Provincetown Structure Fire


On Saturday May 28 at 6:13 p.m. the Brewster Fire Department was requested to respond to a 3rd alarm fire involving several restaurants on Commercial Street in Provincetown (see photos).  Brewster Engine 234 responded to the scene and assisted with fire suppression operations throughout the incident.  Ladder 237 also responded to the scene but remained in staging unable to set up due to the narrow downtown streets around the fire scene being congested with operating fire apparatus and other equipment. In addition, with several Chiefs from the Lower Cape operating at the fire scene in Provincetown and unable to respond to incidents in their respective communities Brewster Deputy Chief Kevin Varley was assigned to cover Wellfleet and the surrounding Towns for the duration of the incident. All Brewster units were returned to service at 11:08 p.m.

May 26

Brewster Firefighters Attend Live Burn Training


On May 24, 18 members of the Brewster Fire Department attended live fire training at the Barnstable County Fire Academy. This bi-annual training event supports our efforts to maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness during fire suppression operations.

During the rapid paced and dynamic training session Fire Academy instructors placed the firefighters in a variety of challenging live burn scenarios designed to simulate typical structure fire responses common to the Brewster Fire Department and our surrounding mutual aid communities. Throughout the program firefighters carried out a number of fire suppression tasks that tested their operational skills and techniques in areas such as fire attack, ventilation, search & rescue, forcible entry, and incident command. This hands-on live fire training is a valuable asset to preparing and maintaining our members ability to operate safely, effectively, and efficiently at structure fire related incidents.

The Brewster Fire Department would like to thank the staff at the Barnstable County Fire Academy for their dedicated and expert guidance during this outstanding training event.

May 23

Brewster Fire/Rescue Increases Call Firefighter Staff


On Saturday May 20, four prospective Brewster Call firefighters graduated from the Barnstable County Fire Academy in front of family, friends, and Fire Chiefs from across Cape Cod. These dedicated individuals started their initial training in January spending two nights a week and every Saturday at the academy culminating in receiving their FF I/II certification at the graduation. The next step for these candidates is to pass the State physical abilities test (PAT) and complete their EMS ride time after which they will be hired and assigned to one of the four department groups. Our organization wishes to congratulate these newly certified firefighters and we look forward to them joining our ranks in time for the busy summer season.  The graduates include:


  • James Sandino
  • Louis Carlo
  • Seth Karter
  • Andrew Ottino

In addition to these four candidates we would also like to welcome FF/Paramedic Rachel Pellegrino and FF/EMT Tracey Stewart who recently completed the requirements to join our call firefighter staff.

May 18

Fire/Rescue Headquarters Construction Update

To ensure all of our residents are kept advised as to the ongoing Fire/Rescue Headquarters construction project the Committee will be sending out periodic updates to the community via the Fire Department and Town websites, Facebook pages, and local media outlets.

Since our last update in March work on the project has focused on completing site excavation, installation of utility services, and foundation preparation including:

  • Installation of all underground duct banks, structures, and conduit pathways for electric and fiber services for the existing cell tower and new fire building
  • Installation of electric and fiber service poles on Main street
  • Installation of the new septic system that will serve the existing COA, current fire department building upon transfer to the Natural Resources Department, and the new fire facility
  • Finalization of furniture, communication, and security system design requirements
  • Transplanting of a memorial tree located on COA property
  • Relocation of natural gas service lines
  • Installation of new water mains and relocation of fire hydrants
  • Completion of foundation site excavation
  • Installation of underground drainage structures
  • Installation of foundation rebar, footings, and initial pouring of concrete

Future work will focus on completing the installation of electric, fiber, and cable service for the cell tower, foundation installation which will include footings, rebar, and internal plumbing and electric work, and the delivery and installation of the prefabricated steel portion of the structure.

The committee continues to monitor the project daily through the Fire Chief, Owners Project Manager (Pomroy Associates), Architect (CDR Maguire), and the General Contractor (Delphi). Project meetings are held every two weeks with the project team and full Fire Station Committee meetings are being held monthly.

In the near future the committee will be sponsoring a beam signing ceremony. During this event residents of the community, the committee, fire department members, and those wishing to have their signature memorialized within the new facility will have the opportunity to sign one of the main steel structural components which will then be set in place.  Stay tuned to the announcement of the date for this exciting community event!





May 11

Brewster Firefighters Respond to Eastham Water Rescue

On Tuesday May 9 at 5:47 p.m. members of the Brewster Fire Department assigned to the Barnstable County Regional Dive Team and Car 231 (Chief Moran) responded to Great Pond in Eastham to assist the Eastham Fire Department with the rescue of a boater in distress and calling for help.

First arriving personnel from Eastham Fire including an underwater diver and Police officers immediately entered the water in rescue mode to search the area where an onshore witness had reported seeing the individual in distress. Unfortunately these first responders were unsuccessful in locating the individual who had disappeared below the water line of the large body of water. Additional resources were called to the scene including the Barnstable County Regional Dive Team, a helicopter from the United States Coast Guard, and rescue boats from Eastham, Orleans, and Wellfleet. After an extensive search that lasted approximately one hour and fifteen minutes the dive team located the victim about 100 feet off shore in approximately 15 feet of water. Lifesaving efforts were performed and the victim was transported to Cape Cod Hospital by Wellfleet Fire and Rescue.

Personnel from the Wellfleet, Orleans, and Brewster Fire Departments along with the regional dive team assisted at the scene and provided coverage at Eastham Fire Headquarters during the incident.

May 05

Brewster Firefighters Respond to Serious Motor Vehicle Collision

At 4:36 p.m. on Wednesday May 3 Ambulance 242, Heavy Rescue 241 (under the direction of Captain Chris Flavell), Car 232 (Deputy Varley), and Car 231 (Chief Moran) responded to a serious motor vehicle accident involving a single car into a utility pole and tree in front of 862 Long Pond Road (Route 137). Upon arrival firefighters found the male driver heavily entrapped within the vehicle with serious life-threatening injuries. Upon leaving the road the vehicle became wrapped around the tree with the bottom portion of the utility pole inside the driver’s side compartment.

Due to the serious nature of his injuries and the identified extended extrication operation firefighters requested the response of Medflight. After a 45 minute extrication operation during which firefighters used a variety of power and hand tools including the “jaws of life” to free the driver from the wreckage he was transported to the landing zone at Drummer Boy Park for the trip to a Boston area trauma center. Eversource shut power off to 1,143 residents in the area during the extrication operation. It was restored by 6:20 p.m. Brewster Engine 239 provided coverage at the landing zone and members from the Harwich and Orleans Fire Departments assisted with patient care and extrication at the scene.

May 04

Brewster Firefighters Participate in “Nozzle Forward” Engine Company Training Program


On May 1 and 2, Brewster Firefighters Chad Foakes, Matt Tucker, Michael Herrmann, Jared Hogg, and Tim Druckenbrod participated in a nationally recognized and awarded hands-on fire training program titled “Nozzle Forward” at the Barnstable County Fire Academy. The program which focused on the safe and effective implementation of the three main components of engine company operations; fire behavior, hose management, and fire attack was taught by a cadre of firefighters from Seattle WA, and other West Coast fire departments. Attendees included more than 70 firefighters from across Cape Cod, other regions of the United States, and Canada.

The Brewster Fire Department would like thank the outstanding instructor staff in particular their lead Aaron Fields, Orleans Deputy Chief Geoff Deering, Academy Director George Russel, and Academy Co-Director Paul Tucker for bringing this valuable and dynamic training to Cape Cod.



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